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Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:59 am

Purchase the script by emailing: vripscript[at]
I do have some conditions of sale.(I will only accept Paypal and it must be sent as a gift with "Payment for an item "non-tangible" I already received, I will not dispute this in any way & I agree all sales are final - Your Name - Your Phone Number" in note area. I also require buyer to be Paypal verified & have available Paypal balance, screen shot for proof tobe sent to me by email. It is at my discretion who I choose to sell/trade with, sorry if that offends you. I have put many hours into this script)

After successful payment you will receive latest script, setup details & your personal install code.

Unzip contents of VRiP.v.0.*.zip to a directory on your computer

Initial Installation:

  1. Upload or Unzip contents of VRiP.v.0.*.zip to root directory eg."" not ""
  2. CHMOD
    all files to 0644 and all folders to 755, Note DSO mode Apache handlers
    is known to causes problems with cache files due to owner of created
    cache file set as nobody, suPHP is preferred as cache files are created
    on the fly and need tobe regenerated once stale. Wordpress has the same
    issues with DSO
  3. Navigate in your browser to:
  4. Follow
    the instructions by filling in the database settings, database will be
    created if the database user has CREATE privileges, else you will need
    to create the user & database first (User must have CREATE
    privilege). Check your email for the installation code.
  5. Continue to next step.
  6. Goto admin and login with the username/password you created.

If you encounter a problem like:

  • A Notice saying invalid code = Make sure you have outgoing
    connections enabled on your setup + fopen wrappers enabled also make
    sure you entered the code correctly. If you continue to get this error
    contact me your code may have been disabled, a fee is required if you
    want your code tobe multihost licensed please contact me.
  • A mySQL access denied message after submitting setup details = mySQL user must have CREATE privilege on database.
  • A Could not connect to database error after clicking "Continue to login" = You may of not CHMOD'd functions.php. Edit config.php to match your db settings.
  • On entering the site after setting up it looks like
    there is no stylesheet or 404 error after setup = You need to install on
    the root of your site. It is possaible to install in a directory you
    just need to edit the .htacccess (RewriteBase /installedDir) &
    change the configs to match the url.

Downloading & adding the images.
1.Download the TV show images package [updated 18.july] and FTP them to ./images/shows/
2.Download the Movie images package and FTP them to ./images/movie-poster/

Adding the content.
Since early development the script used a centralized update to update
content but has slowed up dramatically now, due to the large import, so
has been removed.
The script now downloads a zipped dump file (Around 7mb), unpacks it
then parses the dump file, this is considerably faster then the old
method, as development continues, different dump files & options
will be available, currently the script will import all the
shows,episodes, tvrage info
To import content goto Centralized update in admin and select update.

Setting up crawler
Crawler needs tobe visited daily so look below for setting up the cron tab.

Cron Setup
Setup a cron tab to visit the ./auto_crawler/scrapper.php script or visit it in your browser daily.

Use cron settings for every 6hours or so, crawling more often wont yield more episodes:
0 */6 * * * TERM="xterm"; /usr/bin/lynx -dump > /dev/null
0 */6 * * * wget -O - -q -t 1
(Optional) Setup a cron tab to visit the ./auto_crawler/scrapper.movies.php script or visit it in your browser every few days.


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