Multi Host Installations [Please Read]

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Multi Host Installations [Please Read] Empty Multi Host Installations [Please Read]

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:43 am

When your installation code is activated after purchase, every installation is logged against your code. By default the script will allow upto 4 installations on the 5th your code will get deactivated automatically and you will not be able to continue to install, this wont affect your current sites.
1 For testing on localhost.
1 For your main site.
1 For your second site.
1 If moving Hosts.

This is to protect the scripts integrity from sharing and to help continue development & support, Ive spent time and many cups of coffee on this script so I believe this is fair. The alternative is I encode the script and licence to 1 site via ionCube like most other scripts do.
This is something I dont want todo as it gives you 1% control over customizations also makes giving you small updates & bug fixes much harder.

If you want more the 4 sites please pay the multi host licence. £10
Kind Regards


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