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VRiP v0.6 Features Empty VRiP v0.6 Features

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:49 am

*Simple Setup, Install & Update to the latest 13k+ episodes, 170k+ links unlike other TV show scripts!
*Stay Updated & effortlessly keep TV Shows & Episodes current with 100% automated sidereel episode & links crawler, Future proof designed and it even emails you the results!
*100% automated movies crawler, Also future proof designed!
*Easy administration, no scouring the internet for descriptions or embedcodes.
*Automatic Shows description & screen images acquired from sidereel when creating a new show.
*Easy to customize template + space for ads $$$.
*Top shows image wall.
*Detailed auto-cached episode page, with auto alternative links grabber (triggered on first view of episode).
*Manual Sidereelbot for adding episodes from sidereel.
*Advanced single user admin login. Session, IP, hash checks on every page.
*Automatic TVRage Info For every episode.

*Single [Admin] User system in v0.6 & Fast caching.
*Star rating.
*Commenting system (With Disqus).
*Links & episodes submit.
*SEO friendly URLs.
*RSS Feeds for: Latest, Top Episodes & shows, Specific shows.

*Clean & Easy to management of episodes & shows.
*Intelligent gathering of all episodes, images & descriptions when adding shows.
*Free Centralized Update for all content from epic-shows.com.
*Single click to auto regenerate links.
*One click solutions to optimize the database from unwanted junk.
*Blacklist specific domains from being added by users or the links scanner.
*Site Settings for (Changing Admin username/password, email, site name, site online, theme, *allow content share, show movies, cache time, *image CDN, show max latest, show max top, show max image wall, admin show max, *facebook app ID, disqus ID).
*Pre placed, Google Analytics & 4 adcode blocks.
*Select/Edit Theme from within admin. (No support for editing themes)

*Ready for future updates

Sourcecode is 100% open and you may edit any part of the script, Throughout development there will be new themes & features added that may require updates.

System requirements
Tho it is extremely easy to install this powerful script on 99.9% of hosts, The requirements to successfully run VRiP you will need a server with the following attributes: PHP 5+, mySQL, cURL, DOM, fopen wrappers, chmod

Unfortunately we can't support the script on hosts that use DSO type Apache handlers due to the chmod restriction affecting the cache files.

If your looking for a superb host to host VRiP for £10 p/y with domain! or You would like me to set up VRiP on your host, Please contact me - http://setupmyscript.com


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